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Georgia Attracting Investors with Liberal Economic Environment
Aleksi Aleksishvili, Chairman and CEO at PMCG, in an Interview with Georgia Finance explains how can small countries like Georgia build competitive advantage on the global markets and become attractive destination for foreign investors.
From Profit Tax to Distributed Profit Tax System
Georgia has a consistent track record with regard to improving its busines environment. However, having a favourable business environment has yet to make a significant impact on the country’s competitiveness. Therefore, Georgia is initiating a new corporate income tax system, entailing a switch from the classical profit tax system to a distributed profit tax regime.
Difficulties of the Insolvency System Interrupts Investments
Maya Grigolia, Research Director at PMC Research discusses about importance of insolvency system simplification.
Impact of Georgia-China Free Trade Agreement
What impact will have free trade agreement between Georgia and China on Georgia's economy
Review of Banking Sector in 2015
In December 2015, compared to the same month of the previous year 2014, the volume of total deposits increased by 24.8% (3 080 mln GEL), while the volume of total loans to the national economy increased by 23.5% (3 074 mln GEL), PMCG reports.
Enabling Students to Attain High Quality Education
On February 10, Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) awarded students with PMCG’s scholarships to continue studying at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET).
Adventages and Disadvantages of Estonian Model of Income Tax
Aleksi Aleksishvili discusses about advantages and disadvantages of Estonian model of Income Tax
Tamar Jugheli about the Foreign Direct Investments
According to the preliminary data, in the first three quarters of 2015, the volume of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), an important source of economic growth, amounted to US$1019.0 mln in Georgia.
Analysis of the External Factors Affecting on GEL Exchange Rate
During the January 2016, GEL depreciated towards USD by 0.08 point (3.1%) compared to previous month and by 0.5 point (25.5%) compared to January 2015.
FDI According to the First Three Quarters
What are the amount of foreign direct investment made in Georgia and which countries are the largest investments in Georgia according to the first three quarters of 2015?
Transferring V4 and Georgia Reform Experience to Facilitate Economic Development in Belarus
“I’m really fascinated by the results Georgia has achieved. Belarus has already begun to introduce similar systems and I think Georgia’s experience will help us to implement the reforms in an easier way,” said Roman Gupolovich, the Head of the Division of Customs Control Organization and Analysis at the State Customs Committee.
Who will Benefit from the Pension System
Author of the research Davit Utiashvili discusses about the challenges and international practices of compulsory pension saving system.
Pension Savings - Compulsory or Voluntary
Discussing challenges and international practices around compulsory pension saving scheme.
Aleksi Aleksishvili about Compulsory Pension Saving Scheme
PMC Research's Aleksishvili evaluates advantages and disadvantages of compulsory pension system.
Compulsory Pension Saving Scheme – Challenges and International Practices
On December 10, presentation and public discussion of the research findings – “Compulsory Pension Saving Scheme– Challenges and International Practices” was held at Hotel Rooms Tbilisi.
What are the Challenges of Compulsory Pension Saving Scheme
The research findings will be presented by Davit Utiashvili, economist. Aleksi Aleksishvili, the Chairman at Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG), will open the event and Basa Janikashvili, the writer, will moderate the discussion.
Belarus Delegation Visited Georgia to See Economic Reforms in Action
On November 26-27, an official delegation from Belarus visited Georgia to learn more about efficient reforms in tax administration, E-governance, and public services.
Hosting Belarus Delegation Experience in Introducing Effective Economic Reforms
On November 26-27, PMCG hosted an official delegation from Belarus in order to share details of Georgia’s successful reforms in tax administration, E-governance and public services.
Georgian Universities and the EU launch a new Academic and Research component under ENPARD
PMC Research and Caucasus Environmental NGO Network (CENN) joint project to build capacity of regional universities through trainings and joint research into key problem areas.
How Sustainable is the Universal Healthcare Program in Georgia?
The model was created under the framework of the study, according to which government will need to increase expenditures up to 5.5% of GDP by 2030 to ensure the program's effectiveness.