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Business Sector Increased by 11.9%
In the first quarter of 2015, the total volume of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) declined (-33.9%; -90 mln. USD) compared to the first quarter of 2014. But FDI increased in the some sectors:
Discussing Growth in Business Sector by I Quarter Data
In the first quarter of 2015, the production in business sector increased by 11.9%. in comparison with the first quarter of 2014. In this period the average monthly remuneration of employed individuals increased by 72.6
Money Transfers may be Reduced by 330 Million Dollars Until the End of the Year
The money transfers are expected to be reduced by 330 million dollars by the end of 2015. However, considering the effect of exchange rate and multiplier, this will not result reduction of the nominal GDP
Greek Crisis - Another External Shock for the Georgian Economy
“The ongoing crisis in Greece contributed to it. Further deepening of the crisis will worsen the employment rate and accordingly, income. How Greece will overcome the crisis and what the rate of its economic growth…
Working Meeting Between Visegrad Countries, Moldova and Georgia
State Minister highlighted the importance of public-private dialogue about the economic benefits of the process of EU integration, especially emphasized the importance of CSO participation.
Georgia and Moldova share experience on EU integration
International experts are gathering in Tbilisi for a knowledge-sharing workshop which will facilitate effective management of Georgia and Moldova's European Union (EU) integration
Visegrad Countries Shared Experience of EU Integration to Georgia and Moldova
“Dialogue facilitation will support the government to implement the policy that will help small and medium businesses to be competitive on the European market", explained Nino Samvelidze, Project Manager from PMC RC.
Aleksi Aleksishvili Participates in IMF Caucasus and Central Asia Advisory Group Meeting
On July 1, Aleksi Aleksishvili, Chairman and CEO at Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG) participated in the Summer 2015 IMF Caucasus and Central Asia Advisory Group (CCA Advisory Group) meeting in Dilijan, Armenia to…
Visegrad Countries, Georgia and Moldova Discussing Challenges of EU Integration
The aim of the event was to assist Georgian and Moldovan businesses and governments to have a more coordinated dialogue on potential costs and benefits in the EU integration process and, more specifically, the timely implementation of DCFTA.
Georgia Hosts Workshop to Effectively Manage EU Approximation
Public-private dilogue plays crucial role in the process of EU integration. Key stakeholders from Georgia, Moldova and Visegrad countries, such as government agencies, business associations, experts, international organizations and donors (EBRD, EIB, WB, IFC, USAD, EU and others), participated in the event.
Workshop to be Held for Public-Private Dialogue in EU Integration
“Slovakia’s experience proved that Dialog between private and public sector is essential to get the most of benefits of EU economic integration and to provide successful reforms and changes that increase economic growth and convergence.
PMC Research Center: Dialogue of EU Integration Process for Moldova and Georgia
PMC RC, with the support of International Visegrad Fund hosts a two-day knowledge-sharing workshop to facilitate the effective management of the EU integration for Georgia and Moldova.
The Effects of Investments in Clean Energy in Georgia
Analyzing the economic impact of clean energy, how it can cut imports and how to ramp up utilization of clean energy resources.
Paving the Way for Business
PMCG’s founder Aleksi Aleksishvili, discussing about business enabling environment reforms in the interview to Eileen Hoffman, the director of Chemonics’ Economic Growth and Trade Practice.
Recycling, Sorting the First Step to Better Waste Management
Georgia’s trouble with waste management is clear to even casual observers. While it has proven to be a persistent issue for the government, the country’s new waste management code could be a major step forward in efforts to control the problem.
IMF Regional Advisory Board Selects Lekso Aleksishvili as Member
“It is an honor and pleasure to be a part of CCAG at IMF and to have an opportunity to share our experience. Also, it gives us a huge chance to get a closer view of the region and its economy,” said Aleksishvili.
Lekso Aleksishvili Became IMF Regional Advisory Board Member
He has supported several countries such as Georgia, Albania, Mongolia, Kosovo, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan helping to enhance their business enabling environments by providing valuable assistance and delivering specialized experience from a transitional country.
Lekso Aleksishvili Selected as IMF Regional Advisory Board Member
The regional board is focused on economic, political-economy, geopolitical and political issues, and carries significant importance for CCA countries. 
Only 25% of the trade turnover was exported in 2014
PMCG issued 2014 foreign trade date and review.
PMCG: If the economy will grow less than estimated, tax revenues will be less
Government should take appropriate steps to reduce budget costs and control budget deficit, namely: costs should be reduced in accordance with the reduced tax revenues. If the economy will grow only by 2% and inflation forecast will be justified (4%), then the costs should be reduced by 236.7 million Gels. First of all, costs should be reduced by cutting administrative costs.