Upper Svaneti LAG Provided up to 120 Families with Product Baskets Amid Covid-19
The local action group (LAG) of Mestia municipality recently launched a new charity initiative with the purpose of supporting vulnerable groups residing in Upper Svaneti to overcome challenges presented by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.
PMC Research’s Director Chosen to Conduct Research by CAREC Institute’s Visiting Fellow Program
Mr. Giorgi Khishtovani, Director at PMC Research, has been selected as one of the two finalists in the Visiting Fellow Program of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Institute, and will accordingly conduct vital research this year.
Identifying Mestia Municipality’s Community Needs to Support Rural Development
We recently elaborated a new report entitled “High-Priority Community Problems in Mestia Municipality.” The aims of the document are: to introduce forms of civic engagement within local self-governance processes serving citizens of the 16 communities of Mestia municipality; to enhance their capacity in local budget analysis; to enable them to distinguish between central and local government competences; and to improve the ways in which they overcome local challenges.
Evaluating Small Projects Assistance (SPA) Program’s Impact on Local Community Development
PMCG, together with PMC Research, recently launched a new project, aiming to assess Peace Corps Georgia’s Small Projects Assistance (SPA) program.
Promoting Rural Economic Development in Georgia
PMC Research recently launched a new project with the purpose of advancing the agricultural sector and rural SMEs in Georgia by enhancing their economic opportunities.
New Study to Boost Economic Opportunities in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region
PMC Research recently started working on a new study aiming to introduce more economic opportunities, especially for women and vulnerable people, in deprived rural areas of Georgia.
Business Management and Marketing Trainings for First Rural Development Grant Winners in Khulo Municipality
From July 2019 to January 2020, business management and marketing trainings were held for beneficiaries of the first rural development grant competition at the European Neighborhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) Khulo office.
Trainings in Financial Accounting for the Winner of Rural Development Grant Competition in Khulo Municipality
On 28-29 January, trainings in financial accounting were provided to winners of the first Rural Development (RD) grant competition held in Khulo municipality. The aim of the trainings was to enhance beneficiaries’ knowledge of business accounting management. 
Sharing Results of Research - "Russia’s Disinformation Campaigns in Georgia: A Study of State and Civil Society Response” - with Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
On 22 January, a presentation of the research paper entitled "Russia’s Disinformation Campaigns in Georgia: A Study of State and Civil Society Response” was held at the Levan Mikeladze Diplomatic Training and Research Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. The presentation was attended by the staff of the Ministry.  
Enhancing Capacity of Georgian Farmers’ Association
We are working with the Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA) to support the strengthening of its internal capacity, aiming to increase its membership base, financial sustainability and independence. 
Supporting Growth of Rural SMEs in Georgia and Armenia
We recently completed a research project, aimed at identifying constraints affecting the development of rural small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Georgia and Armenia, and ascertaining how these can be overcome.
Training in Practical Marketing for First Rural Development Grant Competition Beneficiaries in Khulo Municipality
On December 12-15, practical marketing training was conducted for 20 guesthouse owners in Khulo municipality, aimed at enhancing their knowledge and introducing the marketing tools necessary for the development of their respective businesses.
Presenting Research Outcomes: “Russia's Disinformation Campaigns in Georgia: A Study of State and Civil Society Response”
On December 12, PMC Research presented the outcomes of its research entitled “Russia’s Disinformation Campaigns in Georgia: A Study of State and Civil Society Response” and subsequently held a discussion thereon.
Working with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport to Implement Newly-Adopted Law on Vocational Education and Training
We are collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport (MoESCS), under a UNDP project designed to support the Ministry in the implementation of the newly-adopted law on vocational education and training (VET).
Business Climate Index in Georgia Being Established by the Georgian Business Association and PMC Research
Together with the Business Association Georgia (BAG), we have started working on the development of the BAG Index, which is focused on evaluating the business climate in Georgia.