Supporting Government of Georgia to Enhance Human Capital
We are honored to be supporting the Government of Georgia (GoG) to implement its role as an “Early Adopter,” as part of a World Bank (WB) initiative aiming to encourage investment in people to boost sustainable economic growth.
Value Chain Analyses of Broccoli, Mandarins and Raspberries in the Regions of Georgia and their Potential on the EU Market
PMC Research recently finished working on value chain analyses of three agricultural products in three specific regions, namely broccoli in Kvemo Kartli region, mandarins in Adjara region, and raspberries in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.  
Analyzing the Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the South Caucasus
At the beginning of August, PMC Research started working on a Country Note on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the South Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan) in order to study its impact on Central Asia and the South Caucasus (CASC).  
The Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Implementation of the DCFTA
On July 25, Ms. Mariam Saghareishvili, Researcher at PMCG, participated in a working meeting about the DCFTA and the role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in its implementation.  
PMC Research Awarded Again for its Transparency
   We are excited and proud to announce that PMC Research was recently given a 5-star rating for transparency by international organization Transparify.
Study to Identify Challenges for SMEs Seeking Access to Finance
PMC Research recently launched a new project entitled “Leveraging SME Finance through Value Chains in Georgia”, designed to study the challenges facing SMEs with a particular focus on access to finance in Georgia.  
Discussing Opportunities and Challenges of the EU-Georgia DCFTA at Georgian Farmers Congress
On June 15, PMC Research participated in the Georgian Farmers Congress, an event designed to homeworkforme and support dialogue between farmers and state bodies, a crucial aspect in the development of Georgia’s agricultural sector.  
Value Chain Analysis of Broccoli, Tangerines and Raspberries in Georgia and their EU Market Potential
At the beginning of June, PMC Research hosted three public discussions and presentations in Marneuli, Mtskheta and Misaktsieli about the value chain analyses of three agricultural products, namely broccoli, tangerines and raspberries.  
PMCG and PMC Research Open Call for Policy Papers
PMC Research has launched a project entitled “Public Policy Discourse and Dialogue Platform – 2018” targeted at creating a platform to stimulate constructive and systematic policy debates and to establish cooperative practice among different political and social groups of Georgian society.  
Working with Georgian Municipalities to Enhance Good Governance
We are collaborating with the municipalities of Georgia to strengthen their levels of good governance and sustainable development by building their capacity and by facilitating experience-sharing between local self-governments.  
Research into Railway Infrastructure in Tbilisi Presented and Discussed
On February 22, we hosted a presentation and public discussion of research outcomes regarding railway infrastructure in Tbilisi.
Georgia as a Transit Hub and its Increasing Potential in the Implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative
On January 25, at 10:30 am, PMC Research hosted a presentation and public discussion of the research findings “Georgia as a Transit Hub and its Increasing Potential in the Implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative” at Tbilisi’s Rooms Hotel. 
Ifo World Economic Survey (Third Quarter of 2017)
In November 2017, ifo published its World Economic Survey for the third quarter of 2017. In the report, among other countries, Georgia’s current economic situation was assessed and predictions were made.
Trainings Conducted as part of the “Civil Society Organizations Supporting Free Trade with Europe” Project
In September and October 2017, PMC Research Center conducted trainings and stakeholder meetings about value chain analysis methods in seven regions of Georgia. More specifically, the trainings were carried out for civil society organizations (CSOs) in Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Imereti, Samegrelo, and Adjara regions.
Product Selection for Value Chain Analysis Discussed in Adjara
On September 23, PMC Research hosted a working meeting to discuss and select the most valuable agricultural product for Adjara in order to conduct a value chain analysis (VCA), as part of the European Commission (EC) project “Regional Civil Society Organizations as Vectors of Rural Economic Development”.