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Karine Torosyan
Karine Torosyan

Dr. Karine Torosyan attained her PhD in Economics from Oregon State University (US) in 2005. The following year she joined the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) in Tbilisi, Georgia, where she currently holds an Associate Professor position. Dr. Torosyan teaches mostly in the fields of Microeconomics and Econometrics and provides thesis supervision to masters level students at ISET. In addition, she serves as the chair of the admission committee at ISET.

Dr. Torosyan is actively engaged in economic research. She has worked on issues related to development of trade patterns in transition countries following the fall of the Soviet system and the economic impact of closed borders in the South Caucasus region. Dr. Torosyan was part of the ISET team studying the impact of Russian sanctions on Georgia’s economy while she has also done extensive research on the topic of hidden/shadow economies in transition countries, with a special interest in the case of Georgia. She has been the lead researcher for a project implemented by the Institute for Study of Labor (IZA, Germany) and PMCG and funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (Germany) studying informal labor in Georgia. Another area of interest for Dr. Torosyan is migration and remittances. She headed the ISET team of researchers working on the “Development on the Move” project sponsored by the Global Development Network (GDN) which aimed at analyzing the socio-economic impacts of migration in the case of Georgia. Dr. Torosyan’s areas of interest expand to topics of female labor force participation, fertility, happiness and life-satisfaction.

Dr. Torosyan frequently presents her research work at regional and international conferences and has authored and co-authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals.