Our Team

PMC Research Center has built a team of professionals with local and global experience who not only work well together but also believe in the same values of free market, transparency, and accountability. The center provides an open, nondiscriminatory environment for individual and professional development.

Douglas Rugh
Douglas Rugh

Dr. Rugh specializes in strategic growth with twenty years of management experience in large corporate programs and in both academic and government think tanks. Before moving to Georgia, he represented a 200-person consulting firm in Washington DC as a senior scientist.

He worked the way up through the ranks after receiving degrees in economics and social welfare, and held positions as research associate, manager, and director. Throughout his career he has worked within various think tank structures, including: academic, government, research, policy, and international.

Dr. Rough is a social scientist by training with a strong emphasis on statistics and organizational development. Over the years, he managed more than 10 federal projects, funded more than 20, and helped organizations throughout the United States start programs. He has led large national studies assessing scholarships funding levels for HRSA, diabetes screening and treatment for CMS, employee wellness for Pictsweet Foods, and hepatitis prevention programming for SAMHSA. In Georgia, Dr. Rough has led capacity building and organizational learning initiatives for CDC, St. George’s, and Geocell.