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PMC Research Center has built a team of professionals with local and global experience who not only work well together but also believe in the same values of free market, transparency, and accountability. The center provides an open, nondiscriminatory environment for individual and professional development.

Aslan Artmeladze
Aslan Artmeladze

Mr. Aslan Artmeladze is a local action group (LAG) coordinator, responsible for facilitating various activities in the EU-funded project “Promotion of Rural Development and Diversification in Khulo Municipality.” 

He coordinates local groups’ involvement in promoting the rural development of their community. Mr. Artmeladze arranges interactive workshops for LAG members to help them understand specific development issues facing their community and to enable them to propose corresponding development measures. Moreover, he is also involved in the elaboration of recommendations for the LAG’s executive board.

Mr. Artmeladze has accumulated sound experience of working with local communities and local youth in Adjara region. Before joining our team, he served as Chairman of the Regional Network for Cooperation and Development, when he was actively engaged in promoting and encouraging higher education, strengthening eco-migrant communities, protecting human rights, and other activities oriented towards the rural development of Adjara region.

Moreover, he held the position of Liaison Officer at the Rural Development for Future Georgia (RDFG), focusing on Tetritskharo municipality’s rural development.

Mr. Artmeladze holds a master’s degree in Public Policy Administration from Ilia State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Political Sciences from Tbilisi State University. He is fluent in Georgian, English and Russian languages, and competent in German too.