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PMC Research Center has built a team of professionals with local and global experience who not only work well together but also believe in the same values of free market, transparency, and accountability. The center provides an open, nondiscriminatory environment for individual and professional development.

Giorgi Khishtovani
Giorgi Khishtovani

Dr. Giorgi Khishtovani is a Research Director at PMC Research. He is responsible for managing research and analyses, quality control, fundraising and strategic planning while he also manages the periodic economic newsletter, which analyzes important economic issues in Georgia.

Dr. Khishtovani has accumulated eight years of sound experience in public, private and non-governmental sectors in Georgia and abroad, as a lecturer, trainer, consultant, researcher, and project manager. 

Prior to joining PMC Research, he worked as a programs director at the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation (SRNSF). He also accumulated valuable experience as head of research at the Institute of Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI). Meanwhile, Giorgi also serves as an associate professor at the Business School of Ilia State University. 

He holds a PhD degree in Economics from the University of Bremen (Germany), as well as a Master of Laws and Master of Science in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Trier (Germany).