Policy Papers
Study in Georgia: Prospects of Internationalization of Higher Education

The primary aim of the research is to describe and analyze Georgia’s potential for the internationalization and export of higher education system, and to deliver policy recommendations.


Compulsory Saving Pension Scheme – Challenges and International Practices

Society was always facing material security issue. Conventional approach, market mechanisms were unable to solve all the problems, so the state took responsibility for it. As a result, new challenges raised, that were exacerbated by the latest demographic trends and put under risk future sustainability of the state pensions system. The threat became a basis for the new reforms, including introduction of private pension savings.


Economic Analyses of the Proposed Amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia

PMC Research Centre presents economic analyses to the Labor Code of Georgia. The analysis is based on international empirical studies, experiences of other countries, and the survey of business leaders’ attitudes to the initiated amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia. The aim of the report is to analyze expected economic effects of mentioned changes.