Issue 93: Visa Requirements Map
   The map provides information about the visa requirements for Georgian visitors in abroad. It also gives information which type of visa foreign visitors need to enter to Georgia. Moreover, the other visa related information by country is also provided on the map.
Issue 92: Banking Sector, January-February, 2017
  According to data for February 2017, compared to the corresponding period in 2016: • The volume of deposits increased by 7.4%;• The volume of loans to the national economy increased by 15.4%;• The share of loans for construction in total loans increased significantly (2.2 percentage points), while the share of loans for trade decreased (-2.9 percentage points);• The share of non-performing loans in total loans decreased (-0.6 percentage points).
Issue 91: Foreign Direct Investments, 2016
  Based on the preliminary data, in 2016 compared to 2015:  • The volume of foreign direct investment (FDI) increased by 5% and amounted to 1.6 bln. USD. • The largest increase in FDI came from Turkey (200 mln. USD), amounting to 272 mln. USD. • By sector, the biggest increases in the volume of FDI were in manufacturing (79%, 53 mln. USD) and in the energy industry (64%; 79 mln. USD). Meanwhile, in the financial sector the volume of investment decreased (-24%; 42 mln. USD). • The volume of investment increased in Kvemo Kartli (265%; 56 mln. USD) but decreased in Adjara (-21%; 43 mln. USD).  
Issue 90: Visitors in Georgia - January - February 2017
  In January-February 2017, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year: •    The number of international visitors increased by 71 000 people and reached 775 000 persons; •    The number of visitors increased from Russia (31 400 people), Armenia (24 300 people) and Iran (12 400 people) while the number of visitors decreased from Turkey (-19 700 people); •    The number of visitors arriving at Tbilisi International Airport increased by 38 500 people, at Kutaisi International Airport by 5 000 people and at Batumi Airport by 187 people.  
Issue 89: Remittances - 2016
  In 2016, compared to 2015: • The volume of remittances increased by 6.6% and amounted to 1.1 bln USD;• Remittances from Russia, the leading source country, makes up 34.3% of total remittances, a decrease of 8.8%. • The United States moved from fourth to second place, reaching 11.1% of total remittances;• The United States is in the first position in terms of remittances per migrant and is 1.2 times higher than remittances per migrant from Russia.
Issue 88: External Trade - 2016
  In 2016, compared to 2015: • The volume of imports decreased by 0.5%;• The volume of exports decreased by 4.1% while the volume of re-exports decreased by 19.6%. The share of re-exports in total exports reached 21.6%;• For the first time since 2005, Russia is again Georgia’s number one trading partner in terms of exports;• Turkey is still the number one trading partner in terms of imports.
Issue 87: New Excise Tax Rule for Automobiles
Starting from 1st January of 2017 the new rule of excise tax calculation launched. There is a significant increase of excise tax on the automobiles issued before 2005. The excise tax on the automobiles with right-hand side wheel also increased significantly and amounted to 3 times more than the same car with left-hand side wheel. Based on the structure of Georgian autopark, the above graph shows the excise tax on automobiles with 1.6, 1.8 and 3.2 engine. According to the new rule the lowest fee of excise tax is for the cars issued in 2010.
Issue 86: Banking Sector - I - III Quarters, 2016
  Analysis of January - November 2016, compared to the corresponding period in 2015: • Net profit of commercial banks increased by 25.1% (114 mln GEL) and amounted to 567 mln GEL. • The volume of deposits increased (9.4%), as did the volume of loans (7.9%) (adjusted for exchange rate). • The proportion for which construction (by 2.8 percentage points), financial intermediation (2.5 percentage points) and hotels and restaurants (3.0 percentage points) were responsible for total loans increased. • The volume of non-performing loans increased by 9.5% which is mostly due to depreciation of GEL exchange rate.  
Issue 85: Construction- I - III Quarters, 2016
  According to the first three-quarters of 2016, compared to the corresponding period of 2015: The volume of production in the construction sector increased by 41.2% and reached 4.2 bln GEL;Foreign direct investment (FDI) in construction increased by 21.8% and reached US$106 bln;The number of people employed in the construction sector increased by 3.1% and amounted to 60.1 thousands of people;The average monthly remuneration of employees in the sector is 1,415 GEL.
Issue 84: Social Expenditures of State Budget - I - III Quarters, 2016
  In the first three quarters of 2016, compared to the corresponding period of 2015, in the State Budget: • Total expenditure on social security increased by 10.7% (238.6 mln GEL) and  amounts into 2,270 mln GEL, which is 37% of total budget expenditure; • Expenditure on public pension increased by 11.7% (121.2 mln GEL);  • Expenditure on general social healthcare program increased by 16.1% (68 mln GEL); In the State Budget of 2017 expenditures on social security will increase by 8.4%. Municipalities spent a significant part of their budget for social security, for example, 27.8% (177 mln GEL) of Tbilisi budget costs is spent on social security