ADBI Publishes PMC Research Paper on SME Finance in Georgia
The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) recently included a paper by PMC Research on the status of SME finance in Georgia as one of the chapters of its publication entitled “Leveraging SME Finance through Value Chains in CAREC Landlocked Countries”.
Presenting the Shortfalls of Deliberative Democracy in Mestia Municipality
On December 17, PMC Research conducted an online presentation of a research report entitled “Shortfalls of Deliberative Democracy in Rural Georgia: Analysis of the General Assembly of a Settlement in Mestia Municipality,” prepared by PMC Research as part of the project “Public Policy Discourse and Dialogue Platform” project, with the support of PMCG.
Researching Good Practices and Moderation of Virtual Events at Municipal Level During COVID-19 Pandemic
We recently started working on a GIZ project designed to share experience and innovative solutions efficiently across regions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, so that cities in GIZ’s Connective Cities Network can better prepare for the effects of the pandemic. Moreover, it aims to boost the effectiveness of their responses to local outbreaks.
Diagnosing Two Clusters of Two Regions of Georgia to Support Business Sophistication
PMC Research is studying the current situation in two clusters - the processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables cluster in Guria, and the poultry cluster in Kvemo Kartli - to analyze current business operations, to develop a cluster map and, finally, to elaborate both short-term objectives and a long-term vision for the development of the clusters.
Assessing digital learning readiness in Georgia’s public sector
In response to the Civil Service Bureau’s initiative to create a unified online learning platform for civil servants, PMC Research is starting a new project under UNDP’s “Supporting Public Administration Reform of Georgia” program to assess the digital learning readiness of civil servants in Georgia. The research team will employ a mixed-method research design, integrating quantitative and qualitative methods to identify potential challenges posed by the shift to online learning and then preparing relevant recommendations.
Georgia’s Economic Growth: Identifying Industry-related Challenges and Opportunities
We recently started a new project, which aims at conducting value chain analytics of selected industries (tourism, creative industries, light manufacturing, and shared intellectual services) of Georgia. The main goal of the activity is to understand recent developments, tendencies, and needs, which together serve as a basis for the decision-making processes of the relevant public bodies and will, in turn, strengthen the economic potential of each targeted value chain.
Evaluation to Enhance Future Implementation of LEADER Approach in Georgia
We recently started evaluating a project entitled “Promoting Citizen Engagement for Economic Development (PROCEED)” aimed at addressing the challenges associated with poverty and unemployment in Dedoplistskaro municipality in the Kakheti region of Georgia and enhancing the wellbeing of its population through applying the LEADER/Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) methodology.
New Study to Advance Involvement of Local Authorities of Central Asian States in Migration Management
Mr. Giorgi Khishtovani, Director at PMC Research, supported by Maya Komakhidze, Researcher at PMC Research, recently elaborated a new paper entitled “Reviewing Migration and Development: The Role of Local Authorities in Central Asia” under the Visiting Fellow Program of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Institute.
PMC Research Advancing Inclusive Youth Policy in Racha
We recently established a sustainable youth platform in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti to provide youth with opportunities, experiences and the necessary theoretical and practical skills and competencies to support their full and successful integration into society and, accordingly, to enable them to get involved in the decision-making processes at the local level through civic engagement mechanisms.
Introducing Digital Marketing Tools to Boost Local Businesses in Khulo Municipality
On August 3-8, PMC Research conducted a six-day training course on digital marketing for 35 second- and third-round rural development grant competition beneficiaries in Khulo municipality in order to boost the visibility, and ultimately the revenues, of their businesses.
PMC Research Joins Atlas Network to Enhance International Partnerships Facilitating Economic Development
We are pleased to announce that PMC Research recently became a partner of the Atlas Network through which it will contribute to making the world freer, and more prosperous, transparent and accountable, with the principles of individual liberty, property rights, limited government, and free markets all ensured.
Outcomes of Research into Georgia’s Economic and Political Relations with China and the EU Presented
On July 9, PMC Research presented the findings of its research entitled “Relations between China, the European Union and Georgia: Analysis of Economic and Political Relations” and subsequently held a discussion thereon.
Diagnosing Two Clusters to Contribute to the Sophistication of Georgian Businesses
We are currently conducting a diagnostic study of two clusters - marine fishing and processing, and the preservation of fruits and vegetables - in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region.    
PMC Research Director Discusses the EU Neighborhood Policy in the Context of EU-Georgia Economic Relations
On June 25, Dr. Giorgi Khishtovani, Director at PMC Research, participated in the German EU Pre-Presidency Conference entitled “Shaping the Future of Europe,” which was dedicated to debating current EU issues, and was organized by the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) and the Institute for European Politics (IEP).
Supporting Farmers in Georgia by Advancing an Electronic Platform to Market Agriproducts
We have recently started collaboration with the Georgian Farmers Association (GFA), focused on enhancing the agricultural sector in Georgia.