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Monthly Tourism Update (June, 2023)
Monthly Tourism Update (June, 2023)
  • In 2022, the recovery level of international tourist arrivals to Georgia (72%) was higher compared to the averages of the world (63%), and Central/Eastern Europe (59%), yet lower than that of Europe as a whole (80%). The rate of recovery for Georgia accelerated in Q1 of 2023, reaching 96%, above the averages of the world (80%), Europe as a whole (90%), and Central/Eastern Europe (59%).
  • However, among selected comparable countries in which tourism makes a large contribution to the national economy, Georgia’s performance was not so outstanding in 2022. Specifically, high levels of recovery in the number of international tourists were evident in all such nations, with Albania even exceeding its pre-pandemic figure, followed by Greece and Croatia showing a strong rebound, while Georgia performed the worst among these four countries.
  • In a regional context, Turkey and Armenia showed better performance regarding the recovery of international tourist arrivals than Georgia both in 2022 and in Q1 of 2023.