Board Elections of Upper Svaneti Local Action Group (LAG)
Board Elections of Upper Svaneti Local Action Group (LAG)

On September 16–17, the Upper Svaneti Local Action Group (LAG) with the support of PMC Research Center (PMC RC) held its 4th annual general assembly, at which new board members of the organization were elected.

PMC RC, together with the LAG governing board, presented a new statute, outlined the financial sustainability, organizational structure, and responsibilities of the organization, as well as covering training center directions, business needs, and revealing an internal performance assessment.  

During the event, members of the LAG elected 19 new representatives of the board, representing public and private sectors. Geographical quotas were applied to ensure that most villages in the relevant region would be represented on the board.

All members of the LAG participated in the elections of the governing board, after which, to guarantee transparency, the votes were counted in front of the attendees. After the elections, the new governing board was introduced, and they discussed their goals and values. 

The event was attended by members of the LAG, Georges Dehoux, (EU Attaché), representatives of CARE Austria, and PMC RC.