New Study to Boost Economic Opportunities in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region
New Study to Boost Economic Opportunities in Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region

PMC Research recently started working on a new study aiming to introduce more economic opportunities, especially for women and vulnerable people, in deprived rural areas of Georgia.

More specifically, the study will examine organic agricultural products and the rural tourism value chain in the Tianeti municipality and Lower Pshavi area (Dusheti municipality) of Mtskheta-Mtianeti region.

In order to attain our goals, we will investigate national and local production and consumption patterns, preferences and expenditure patterns related to organic agricultural products and rural tourism, and prioritize five value chains before conducting value chain analyses (VCA) on them.

“Organic products are becoming more and more popular among consumers of many developing and developed countries. Georgia is no exception as demand is growing for the locally produced organic agricultural products. However, the market still needs development and requires concerted support from governmental and non-governmental sectors. This study helps these actors to establish strategic priorities in the provision of the most effective support possible to local organic farming,” said Giorgi Khishtovani, Director at PMC Research.

The study is being conducted by PMC Research in collaboration with Biological Farming Association ELKANA, as part of an Austrian Development Cooperation project.

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Organic Agricultural Products and Rural Tourism Value Chain Study