Analyzing the Diversification of the Rural Economy in Georgia
Analyzing the Diversification of the Rural Economy in Georgia

At the end of June and the beginning of July, PMC Research conducted three presentations and public discussions on the outcomes of the policy brief “Diversification of Rural Economy in Georgia” in Mtskheta, Tkibuli, and Batumi.

The main goal of the research was to study the current state of affairs in the rural economy and to identify steps towards its diversification by analyzing the vision, strategy and programs of the Government of Georgia, as well as regional and municipal authorities. We evaluated the development potential of linkages between farm and non-farm sectors and basic factors supporting the diversification of the rural economy.

“Economic diversification of the rural economy has the potential to significantly alleviate poverty and contribute to local and regional economic development in Georgia,” said Mikheil Skhiereli, Affiliated Researcher at PMC Research. 

Civil society organizations and representatives of local governments also participated in the discussion. 

The research was conducted by PMC Research in collaboration with People in Need, as part of the EU project “Regional Civil Society Organizations Supporting Free Trade with Europe.”


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Regional Civil Society Organizations as Vectors of Rural Economic Development