ICT Sector Public-private Partnership (PPP) Platform Meeting
ICT Sector Public-private Partnership (PPP) Platform Meeting

On July 26, we, in partnership with the Vocational Skills Agency and with the support of the USAID Economic Governance Program, held the second meeting of a public-private partnership (PPP) platform on information and communications technology (ICT), aimed at addressing the skills mismatch in this sector. The meeting was part of the project “Piloting New Public and Private Sectors’ Collaboration Mechanism for VET Program Development.”

During the meeting, the PPP platform members presented ideas around the development of VET programs, through the partnership of private ICT companies and VET colleges.

The meeting was interactive, giving an opportunity to members of the PPD platform and attendees of the meeting to ask questions to the presenters about the training program. They discussed the most in-demand skills to be honed by the students of the training program, as well as the innovation and efficiency of the teaching models in the program.

“The meeting showed that interesting ideas can be created as a result of cooperation between private actors and educational institutions. We believe that the PPP platform created through the project will continue to work effectively and develop solutions to problems and challenges in terms of skills in the ICT sector,” said Giorgi Khishtovani, Director at PMC RC.

PMC RC is in the process of piloting new public and private sector cooperation mechanisms to develop upskilling and reskilling VET programs in the ICT sector. The project aims to tackle the mismatch between demand and supply of human resources as, currently, the education sector is not capable of supplying enough qualified ICT specialists to the private sector.