Analyzing Municipal Social Policy in Shida Kartli Region
Analyzing Municipal Social Policy in Shida Kartli Region


On June 11, PMC Research conducted a presentation and public discussion on the outcomes of the research ”Municipal Social Policy Analysis in the Shida Kartli Region" in Gori.

The main objectives of the study were to evaluate existing municipal social programs in Shida Kartli region, specifically in Gori, Kareli, Khashuri, and Kaspi, to identify core challenges therein, and to elaborate recommendations for local and central authorities.

As a result of the study, we identified that the process of local social policy making and implementation in these municipalities to be lacking efficiency as citizens’ involvement in the local social policy development process is limited and there needs assessments for vulnerable citizens during social program planning are not conducted.

“The needs assessment of socially vulnerable people should be conducted systematically in the municipalities of the Shida Kartli region, and the collected data must be stored in databases for further analysis,” recommended Nana Peradze, Affiliated Researcher at PMC Research.

The study was conducted by PMC Research, as part of the project “Public Policy Discourse and Dialogue Platform,” which is supported by PMCG.

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