Understanding Labor Market in Georgia
Understanding Labor Market in Georgia



PMC Research will conduct labor informality study, in partnership with the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University, the University of Bologna, the University of Bonn and Maastricht University with the financial support of Volkswagen Foundation and the Institute for Study Labor (IZA).

The project aims to collect detailed data of the population of Tbilisi, in order to study the behavior of people here in the labor market, and examine how attitudes toward risk, confidence, educational level, previous experience, family size and other characteristics affect individuals’ behavior.

This project is continuation of a bigger study on labor informality in Georgia funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and implemented by the Institute for Study of Labor (IZA). In the first stage of the study a large survey was conducted focusing on collecting information on labor and informality. This survey was conducted in 2012 and it included residents from Tbilisi, other urban and rural settlements of Georgia. 

In the second (current) stage of the study the sample of the city of Tbilisi that was chosen for the first survey is re-interviewed. The survey is complemented with various experiments that help to shed light on the microeconomic behavior of the respondents in the labor market. By generating a panel data set for residents in Tbilisi and complementing this data set with rigorously collected experimental evidence on behavioral traits the study will fuel research on the intersection of behavioral traits and labor market outcomes at the frontier of the field.

As part of the study several research papers about informal employment will be produced using the information collected in the first and second stages. In particular, the goal will be to develop studies on informal employment in agriculture, on risk attitudes and informal employment as well as a comparative study of risk attitudes in Georgia, Russia and Ukraine and how they affect labor market outcomes.


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