Analyzing Labor Migration Trends
Analyzing Labor Migration Trends



On September 9, we presented the findings of our latest research project entitled “Labor Migration and Private Employment Agencies in Georgia.”

The main objective of the research was to examine the work of employment agencies operating in Georgia with an emphasis on the services they provide to job-seekers and employers. Moreover, to analyze the contractual obligations taken by different parties, and the measures they take with respect to protection of labor rights in the migration process.

“Private employment agencies play a prominent role in labor emigration and yet this field remains heavily understudied in Georgia. Our study addresses this research gap and represents the first step towards a deeper examination of this area in the future,” stated Maya Komakhidze, a researcher at PMC Research, and one of the co-authors of the research report.

The study was conducted for the State Commission on Migration Issues and the presentation was attended by representatives of its member government entities.