Supporting the Georgian Retail Sector's Development
Supporting the Georgian Retail Sector's Development

On December 8, PMC Research presented the findings of a study on the retail sector in Georgia, funded by the Retail Association. In particular, the study analyzed the significance of this sector in the Georgian economy, reviewed sector dynamics, and identified existing challenges and opportunities for development.

During the presentation, PMC Research delivered a comprehensive overview of the retail industry in Georgia, outlining key findings and offering research-based recommendations. Furthermore, the entire value chain of the sector was outlined and financial indicators were analyzed accordingly. 

At the presentation were representatives of the public and private sectors, whose attendance was hoped to foster collaboration to develop the sector further.   

Globally, the retail industry is one of the most important economic drivers. A vibrant retail trade sector leads to increased consumption, optimization of production processes, agricultural development, and improved quality of delivery logistics. Ultimately, a well-developed retail sector contributes to economic growth job creation in adjacent sectors.