New Research Fuels Georgia's Public Administration Reform
New Research Fuels Georgia's Public Administration Reform

On October 20, PMC Research revealed the results of the “Challenges and Forms of Labor Relations in Georgia's Public Service” study. It examined the challenges faced by state agencies regarding various forms of labor relations, and embraced the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.

The study had two primary objectives: to analyze common challenges related to labor relations among civil servants; and to assess the need to identify additional categories of personnel within state agencies that might require specific regulations. Based on the research findings, the study issued recommendations to tackle the challenges highlighted.

“Our long-lasting collaboration with the Civil Service Bureau dates back many years indeed. Financed by UNDP, endeavors such as this study play a crucial role in supporting the implementation of public administration reform in Georgia. Of course, we are very pleased to contribute to this particular process with evidence-based research,” said Mariam Berianidze, co-author of the study and a researcher at PMC Research.

The research was conducted with the support of UNDP and the UK government, with the aim of promoting cooperation between civil society organizations (CSOs) and state institutions regarding ongoing public administration reform topics.