Our Funding
Our Funding

The majority of PMC Research Center's funding comes from international organizations, and in order to be accountable and transparent, PMC Research Center makes information about its projects and funding levels available.

Project Origin of Funding Duration Amount
Economic Analysis of the Initiated Amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia EWMI 2013 USD 10,000
Strengthening Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara Institutional Capacity USAID 2013 GEL 89,500
Public Policy Discourse Panel Policy Research for Sustainable Economic Development KAS 2014 * EURO 16,500
Enhancing Transparency and Accountability of the State Competition and Procurement Agency and its Dispute Resolution Board USAID 2012 GEL 24,440
Simplification of Georgian Tax Code USAID 2013-2014 ** USD 194,913
Consultancy/Training Services in Budgetary Oversight and Program Budgeting to the Parliament of Georgia UNDP 2012-2013 ** USD 35,660
Review of the implementation of the PFM SPSP EU 2012 ** EURO 2,070
Study to Enhance the Public Outreach Function of the Competition and State Procurement Agency (CSPA) USAID/G3 2012 GEL 24,440
Fiscal Risks in Georgia: Tax Revenues and Public Debts EWMI 2011-2012 GEL 78,088
Support the Government of Kosovo in Growth and Fiscal Stability Initiatives USAID/ GFSI 2011-2013 ** USD 266,400
Strategic planning with GoARA – Ministry of Finance and Economy of Autonomous Republic of Adjara USAID 2011-2012 ** GEL 63,820
Training Program for the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia Danish Refugee Council 2011 ** USD 12,890
Good Governance in Georgia (G3) USAID 2011-2014 **GEL 85,260
Analysis of Medium Term Fiscal Policy Sustainability in Georgia EWMI/G-PAC 2013 USD 47,429
Economic Effects of the Initiated Amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia EWMI G-PAC 2013 USD 10,000